Mission Statement

Empowering widows

To erase the social stigmatization and economic deprivation that confronts widows and remove the barriers to resources and economic opportunities that constrain their future.


  • Less widows will be stripped of their own property, their inheritance, and entitlements after the deaths of their husbands

  • More widows will have better financial support

  • Widows and orphans will have better access to resources for daily living

  • Decrease in discrimination against widow


We hope that through our work, fewer widows will be wrongfully stripped of their own property after the death of their husband. We believe that these widows have a right to their inheritance, and we will fight to help them obtain it, as well as the financial support that they need. What’s more, we want to give both widows and orphans access to the resources that they need for their day-to-day lives, so that they are able to go on with their lives without being looked down upon.